Will my yields improve with gypsum?

Gypsum changes soil structure to allow for better crop performance. Yield response depends upon the whole management system and what the limiting factors are. With good management, better soils consistently produce higher yields. A 2014 Economic Impact Study shows that yield is the number one benefit of gypsum use...
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How do I know if my gypsum is working?

Generally, you may begin to experience softer soils within 12 months of application, depending upon your farming practices and soil condition. Many growers report their fields show improved water infiltration with less ponding and quicker drying after just one application. Growers often report seeing immediate crop quality and yield...
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Is gypsum a fertilizer?

Gypsum is primarily used a soil amendment that loosens up hard, compacted soil and allows water and plant roots to reach farther down into the soil profile. The biological systems also release and balance soil nutrients for the crop. gypsum is also an excellent source of sulfur and calcium...
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Do I have to incorporate gypsum?

No. gypsum is water-soluble and will move down through the soil profile depositing calcium and sulfur into the soil profile. Ohio State University research shows that, within two years, water-soluble calcium and sulfur from surface-applied gypsum are present at 36-inch depth.
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Who can apply gypsum?

If growers have the proper equipment, they may be able to apply gypsum themselves but there are also many qualified applicators that are experienced applying gypsum. For more information, contact us.
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How do I apply gypsum?

Apply gypsum using equipment designed to spread bulk materials (such as lime, litter, etc.). Be sure equipment is in good repair and set up properly to broadcast the material. Read more about application tips.
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What crops benefit most from gypsum?

Applying gypsum can be beneficial for all crops because it improves the soil’s ability to provide a healthy environment for plant roots. It normally takes more than one year to realize the full benefit of using gypsum as a soil amendment. Plants that have specific needs for calcium or...
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