Buy Natural Fertilizer to Nourish Your Garden Soil Organically

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When growing plants, we usually require a fertilizer that can help in its proper growth & development. Instead of spending a fortune on harmful chemical products, why not buy natural fertilizer?.

While farmers have used agricultural-grade gypsum as a natural fertilizer for centuries, it has got renewed attention in recent years due to the ongoing research. The practical insights of high quality gypsum and its unparalleled benefits have made it the preferred choice among farming and gardeners especially due to its affordable price and abundance.

Major Benefits of Gypsum as Natural Fertilizer

1. Ample Source of Calcium & Sulfur

Due to various adverse climatic conditions, plants are becoming deficient for sulfur that the available soil doesn’t supply enough of it. Being an excellent source of sulfur, gypsum is used as plant nutrition and improves the yield of crops. Additionally, Calcium is needed by plants that supply vital nutrients to it, thereby stimulating the growth of roots. Without calcium, the uptake mechanism of the plant gets affected.

2. Reduces Aluminium Toxicity

Applying gypsum to the soil reduces aluminium toxicity that is a common problem in the subsoil. Adding gypsum also improves acid soils that go deep to roots, benefiting crops.

3. Improves Soil Structure

Aggregation or flocculation is required to giving suitable soil structure for water movement and root growth. Buy natural gypsum fertilizer and use it to your garden soil for improving flocculation & reducing dispersion in sodic and alkaline soils.

4. Increases Water Infiltration

When gypsum is used as a natural fertilizer, it enhances soil’s ability to drain and prevents water logging issues. On its proper application to soil, it enables water to move properly deep into the soil and thus, allows crops to grow well.

5. Decreases Soil Erosion

Adding high quality CalciSoil gypsum to fields, facilitates water absorption and reduces soil erosion to a large extent. Besides, it also prevents transport of phosphorus from fertile soil to streams and lakes as well as increasing the quality of fruits and vegetables.

Thus, in soils that lack sufficient calcium/sulphur, adding gypsum creates a favourable condition for garden or agricultural field. If you are also looking to buy natural fertilizer, consider purchasing top quality gypsum from an authentic supplier.